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Frequently asked questions:

How many sensors are needed per ha?

Positioning via GPS works with every smartphone. For precise positioning, the smartphone needs two lenses next to each other, which is now the case with new smartphones.

Where is the data stored?

The georeference data is displayed in the app and can be copied by clicking on it. It can also be copied to other apps. The data is stored in a data centre in Germany and is secured for you multiple times.

Who has access to the data?

You and the people and institutions you choose.

As a provider, we are of course obligated to save your data anonymously several times due to our data security requirements.

Can I export the data?

And it's very simple. By clicking, the coordinates are copied and can be pasted anywhere. The collected information can be saved in a list.

Contact us if you need a specific export or file format. service@agvolution.com

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