Climate resilient cities.

Many parameters are crucial for a good climate. IoT sensors, satellite images and microclimate modelling enable climate-smart decisions.

Conserve resources.

Environmental monitoring

Through IoT sensors, all relevant environmental data can be monitored by radio in an energy self-sufficient manner.

SPS cadastre

The AR function stores the coordinates of sensors and plants. Information can be displayed virtually


All data is stored in the GreenBoard in one platform and is available in the cloud.

Environmental forecasts

AI evaluation, modelling and further analyses are possible in the GreenBoard.
Climavi IoT weather station smart city
Software Technology Smart City

Adapted to the environment.

Our products are characterised by an open and compatible design. By adapting the sensors and modelling, we ensure efficient management and climate protection.



transparent modelling


JavaScript, Python & R



A smart solution for every city.

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