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A new perspective.

It has never been easier to understand
the local climate.

Climate is key.

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The climatic variation resulting from climate change are often extreme, especially at a local level. However, statements about complex ecosystems can only be made if exact data on these ecosystems are available.
Lowering the technological barrier.
Agvolution's mission is to provide the information base for these systems and to link the data with actual action recommendations using sophisticated algorithms to increase the protection and use of nature.
We at Agvolution are convinced that this transformation can only succeed if all those affected are provided with a solution that is: easy to understand & operate, cost-efficient, reliable, and individually tailored.
To this end, we are constantly working with researchers to further develop and validate our processes.

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KI models

Integrate scientifically based plant growth forecasts into your service. You have access to our comprehensive analyses via API.

We have the technology
to help solve your challenges.

AgricultureAgriculture Resources

With our services & sensors you can manage your fields more sustainably, saving you resources while protecting nature in the long run.

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Speciality crops
Speciality cropsOptimise specilty crops

We can help achieve efficient individual plant care across large areas.

Our portfolio consists of intuitive & robust products.

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Consulting with Farmalyzer

Expand your portfolio and validate your forecasts.

Use our accurately generated data in combination with your experience to provide reliable advice to each client.

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ResearchDigitise research

Expand your data directory and simplify your data processing.
Our service allows you to use data sets from any source quickly and easily.

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Smart citiesclimate-smart city
Smart cities

Do you have to manage the balancing act between available funds and high-quality greening?
With us as your partner, you can reliably manage the complex urban ecology in the long term and save costs with targeted irrigation!

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Data processing & forecasting has never been easier! Use your in-house data or use our IoT sensors & APIs to advance your projects.
We offer technology-as-a-service to advance your digitalisation projects together.

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Many different factors affect plant growth and climate change is making it increasingly complex to assess these local climate risks.
AGVOLUTION makes this measurable with sensors and predictable with AI.
Because we need to know what stresses our plants in order to efficiently use our critical resources of water, fertilizer and labor time.

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Sensors + AI for the climate.

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All disciplines united in one team.

Agvolution employees
Dr Munir Hoffmann

Head of DataScience & Ecosystem Management

Agvolution employees
Thomas Maier

Head of Technical Development & IoT

Agvolution employees
Andreas Heckmann

Product Management Agriculture & Management

Agvolution employees
Sebastian Jerratsch

Head of Software Development & Management

Agvolution employees
Lukas Kamm

Quality Management & IoT Sensor Development

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