Environmental monitoring made simple.

Our simple and robust weather station and ground sensor sends all relevant factors.

Weather data


IoT hat:
Temperature, humidity and radiation


Soil sensor:
Soil temperature and moisture
on 10 to 90cm

Data transmission


Mobile communication ( 2G/4G/5G)




Anti-theft device + GPS tracking

Climavi IoT weather station

Energy self-sufficient


Energy from solar radiation


Low-energy consumption


Energy self-sufficient 365 days a year



SDI-12 and other connections


Sensors from other suppliers


Precipitation, wind, leaf moisture
and many other variables

IoT hat

In-house power generation, energy-saving components and automatic data transmission are revolutionising climate detection.

Soil sensor

The unique soil sensor can reliably detect humidity and temperature at soil depths of up to 90cm without further calibration.


Sensors for precipitation, wind and many other factors can be connected and transmitted as required.

Areas of application

The focus of our sensors is on ease of use. By measuring the climatic factors, plant cultivation recommendations are made more precise.

Robust design for quick installation


Revolutionary soil moisture detection


Find position with AR pinpoint accuracy

IoT sensors for environmental monitoring
Digitise research work
The automatic transmission and documentation of climate data saves time. Our solutions are compatible with other sensors, which ensures all factors can be recorded and gathered in one place.

Access to the raw data (API)


Revolutionary soil moisture measurement


White label production

To improve the quality of the urban climate and save resources, the urban microclimate must be recorded. Sensors provide direct measurements and rapid analysis.

Linking with further sensors


Positioning below the earth's surface


Located with AR app

Climate resilient cities through sensors


Only 3 steps.

1. Prepare holes
2. Insert sensor
3. Scan QR code
The data is then automatically transmitted.

Get the free app:


Frequently asked questions:

How many sensors are needed per ha?

You probably want to hear a fist number. But we'd have to lie, because the answer depends on what you want to do.

In large-scale farming, representative measurement points are suggested to you based on public soil data, remote sensing, and plant growth modeling. Of course, you can change that and choose installation points and the number of sensors based on your own experience. Because in the end, you know your land best.

Example arable farming: The home farm of our founder Andreas is located in the low mountain ranges and has 170 ha LN, of which 145 ha are AF and the plots are divided into 3 districts with 4 main topographic moisture classes. The soils are partly deep, but partly very shallow. For each plot we recommend 1 CLIMAVI weather station and 3 CLIMAVI soil sensors to measure respectively the wettest, driest and medium topography class. In total 3 CLIMAVI weather stations and 9 CLIMAVI soil sensors.

How much does the service cost?

The costs depend on the range of functions and the area of application. When comparing prices, please also consider the full costs over the entire service life of the individual systems.

Now of course you want to hear a figure, so let's stick to our example farm from Andreas: For the complete system consisting of software FARMALYZER (170 ha) and hardware (3 CLIMAVI weather stations and 9 CLIMAVI soil sensors) and with a useful life of 5 years we are with discount and tailwind at 15 € per ha and year.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in a data centre in Germany and secured for you several times.

Note: Although a local software solution is installed on your computer, it is updated comparatively less frequently and is therefore less able to ward off internet-based threats. In addition, there is the risk of data loss in the event of theft, fire or malfunction. You should therefore regularly back up your data or use an online solution from a company based in the European Union.

Who has access to the data?

You and the persons and institutions designated by them. We do not pass on any data to third parties unless you explicitly want us to do so. As a provider, we are of course obligated to save your data several times anonymously due to our data security requirements.

Can I export the data?

Yes, very much so. All options for data export and import are open to you. We support formats such as ESRI-SHAPE, KML, KMZ, application map-SHAPE, ISO-XML, CSV (according to templates), Geo-JSON and many more.

Just contact us if you need a specific export or file format. service@agvolution.com

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