What do your plants need?

Data instead of farm rules.


Measuring weather has never been easier.

Our weather station is easy to install and can be integrated into any existing system. Please feel free to contact us.
Temperature, precipitation, wind,
Soil moisture down to a depth of 90 cm & more ...
Energy self-sufficient + automatic data transmission
Robust design with theft protection
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Climavi IoT Weather Station


Crop production, environment and economy combined.

Farmalyzer AI combines agricultural data and permanently determines the key factors of crop growth, environmental conditions and economic indicators. Yield and soil maps, satellite images (NDVI, LAI), as well as operational and weather data in one technology usable via APP and API. This saves your time and software costs.
All key figures for each subarea and each day.
Computer (web), smartphone (APP) and application programming interface (API)
Cloud-free & automatically generated application maps for fertilization, seeding, irrigation and more.
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Farmalyzer APP Satellite Images

PLC function

It is better to measure with the thumb.

By using AI and the smartphone sensors, we can improve the GPS positioning of a smartphone tremendously to up to 10 cm accuracy. Now, with our APP and your thumb, you can determine the position of sensors, soil samples or individual plants more easily than ever before.
No additional hardware required, yet centimeter accurate
Any object and location
(sensors, boundary stones, sampling points ...)
Easy sharing with partners and export of positions
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AR-App Cadastre and Bonitur

Reduce weather risks.

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Ongoing projects

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